June 11, 2024

Kitchen Essentials for Entertainers

For those of us that love to entertain, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where all the action happens, from small dinners to big celebrations. If you want to create the entertainer’s kitchen you’ve always wanted, here are some design solutions and remodeling tips to pull it all together.
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1. Comfy seating

While you’re hosting an event, you want your seating to be comfortable and inviting for your guests. Soft and cushioned seating is usually a go-to, as it’s easy and leaves your guests wanting to hang around longer.

2. Stylish scheme

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, so you want it to be warm, stylish, and inviting. You’re going for the ‘wow’ factor, but you also want it to be soothing, and accents that bring the whole thing together. You can achieve this by adding new furniture, lighting, and colors to your cooking space.

3. Mood lighting.

The best way to set the scene for your event is through lighting. A lot of brighter lights make the room feel festive for a large celebration, while dimmed lighting with a warm glow makes for a more intimate feel for a small dinner party.

4. Island bench

A multipurpose island bench pulls your kitchen together. It gives you more work and storage space, as well as provides extra seating for your guests.

5. Walk-in pantry

Look into this renovation to give yourself more storage space for your large culinary collection. A walk-in pantry could also serve as a place for you to keep your dirty dishes out of sight while hosting company.

6. Easy-to-clean surfaces

Save yourself hours of hard cleaning after your guests leave by applying low-maintenance surfaces like porcelain tiles and stainless steel appliances. They’re quick and easy to clean, which means less time for you to clean and more time to enjoy your party.

7. Open layout

An open-plan layout is a must-have for a social kitchen. It’s easy for guests to move around and chat while also giving off a very relaxing vibe.

8. Second sink

This is a smart addition to an entertainer’s kitchen as it provides more work space, giving you an extra sink to use for dishes or prepare your food.

9. Large fridge and freezer

If you host a lot of large events, then you need room for a lot of food, right? A more spacious fridge/freezer means you can get away with making more food, and is that ever really a bad thing?

10. Warming drawer

This speaks out to the hardcore entertainers. Installing a warming drawer allows you to keep dishes warm before your guests arrive or between courses. It also makes for ready-to-serve hot drinks and dishes.

Incorporating these must-have features into your kitchen will provide you with a functional, fun and efficient space. Get started and you’ll be entertaining in no time!

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